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DISPATCH application

You can manage everything through a browser, where our solution offers you everything with a click of a button.

Driver application

Application offers your drivers various data about their current location and orders, also provides them with an easy to use invoicing service.

dispatch system

Customer application

Android/iPhone Taxi Operator app provides your customer with an easy way to order a taxi from anywhere at any time. We always design the app in accordance with your wishes.

Dispatch application

Taxi Operator is a professional dispatch application that offers your operators an easy way to send and track incoming orders. Because our application is cloud-based it requires no installation at all. This gives your employees more flexibility in how they work and also improves their effectiveness. You can manage everything you need through your browser with just a simple click of a button.Dispatch system.

  • Inovative user interface
  • GPS tracking
  • VOIP connectivity
  • Track incoming orders

  • Integrated map
  • Activities of a driver
  • Sms notifications
  • Manage/deploy orders

Driver application

Modern user interface

We equip taxi vehicles with tablets running our application which enables your drivers to accept or reject incoming orders sent by your operators. The app also offers them various info about their current location, status of their orders and other info that ensures your drivers are as effective as possible.

Mobile advertisement

We are providing digital advertisement on driver application. More information available about feature, if you contact us.


  • LTE/GPS connectivity
  • Built in navigation system
  • SOS button
  • Fee calculator

  • WIFI for customers
  • Digital advertisment
  • Integrated invoicing service
  • Payments

dispatch system

Customer application

Our taxi app will ensure that your customers always have an easy to use and convenient way to order a taxi from anywhere at any time.

Our application

We offer you an unique application with your brand, that will increase your profits by giving your consumers an easy way to order a taxi.


A modern user friendly experience.


Various payment methods to tailor to every customer’s need.

Sistemske možnosti

Our solution runs on reliable high-end servers that enable your work to proceed smoothly.Dispatch system.

Accessible from all browsers from anywhere in the world.




Portable or landline phone

A fast and efficient embedded VoIP software allows the operator to receive incoming calls. If the incoming number is linked to a corporate or travel account, an account popup is displayed which allows the dispatcher to fill in the booking form with specific account information. The operator can also make use of our click to call function directly from their browser.


Our system is compatible with most leading VoIP providers that support the SIP standard.

Caller ID

The incoming phone call number is displayed and used to view the callers details and previous reservations. This helps your operators work more efficiently.

Our solution also has an integrated CRM system, which helps you track and manage customers, which in turn helps you keep better customer relations.


Cloud based

Our solution runs on reliable high-end servers that enable your work to proceed smoothly.

International service

Our solution is available to you regardless of your location.


We understand that every company has its own business model, which is why we’re prepared to tailor our solution to your exact needs.

Payment cards

Our system includes a module for accepting all kinds of payment cards.


Fast online and phoneline support is always there to meet your needs.

Digital advertisment

Our digital advertising will help you gain Access to a broader market.

Invoice reports export

Generate various reports which will give you an insight into how your business is doing financially.

Online widget

You can embed our form for making orders directly on your website or social network to make it even easier for customers to reach you.

Fast and efficient way of distributing incoming orders between drivers.


Dispatch system
  • User friendly UI
  • Workload management
  • SIP telephony
  • GPS tracking in real time
  • Call management
  • Order/Reservation history
  • Intergrated map
  • Flexible fares
  • Vehicle management
  • Call center statistics
  • Statistics of individual drivers
  • Call recording
  • Manual or automatic assigment of orders to drivers
  • Online automatic widget reservation
Driver application
  • LTE/ 4G support
  • WIFI for customers
  • Digital advertising
  • Road map
  • Built-in navigation system
  • Adjustable alerts
  • SOS button
  • Various payment methods
  • Android and Iphone application
User application
  • User friendly application
  • Order a taxi based on a given set of criteria
  • Evaluation of price
  • Evaluate driver and general service based on a 5 star rating
  • Android and iOS support

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